Friday April 12, 2019-Ivy Wangechi, the 6th year medical student at Moi University who was hacked to death by her lover, Naftali Kinuthia, was not an angel as she was cruel.

This was revealed by the mother of Naftali Kinuthia, who detailed the relationship between her son and the deceased. 

Nancy Kinuthia narrated that her son had opened up about an alleged abusive relationship between the couple. 

She purported that Kinuthia told her that Ivy had turned disrespectful towards him and constantly abused him. 

She noted that she even advised Kinuthia, who is her first born son, to end the relationship with Ivy before it turned tragic, but sadly he wouldn’t listen as he loved her so much nonetheless. 

“For a long time since July last year, I thought they had parted ways because I never heard him complain thereafter until when I was hit with this unbelievable news that he has committed murder.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 


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  1. mungikis in love and that's they way they resolve their issues. No offence.

  2. Enter your comment...So, does this woman, calling herself mother, justify the terrible demonic action of her son just because his girlfriend disrespected him? You are heartless Nancy Kinuthia. Apparently, your demonic son inherited your behaviour....