Thursday April 25, 2019-United Kingdom ambassador to Kenya, Nic Hailey, has surprised Kenyans after he turned down a basket of gifts offered to him by a government agency in Malindi.

Hailey was on Tuesday touring the Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) in the area together with a delegation from the UK after his country signed an MoU with Kilifi County to launch Sustainable Urban Economic Development program estimated at Sh 720 million.

While touring the area he was stunned by some leather belts and so he inquired if they would be available on sale in Nairobi.

He was informed that they would be available at Village Market. 

The Company's Managing Director Parman ole Narikae then reportedly offered the products as a gift to the envoy.

He, however, curtly declined the officer stating, "I don’t like free things, that would be promoting corruption".

He also allegedly declined to purchase various other products from the tour including coconut oil explaining it would better benefit the manufacturers if he got them from a supermarket.

The British government will provide Sh7.2 Billion grant to facilitate similar urban programmes.


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