How armed gangs are grabbing land in Eastlands and threatening the rightful owners with guns under police protection.

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Armed gang land grabbers have invaded private lands in nairobi’s  eastlands and police are doing little to help the victims
In Buruburu , a group of armed land grabbers led by Dan Ogonga invaded buburu farm land , they subdivided the land and sold it to third party. When the owner's came, they were threatened with pistols. Others were beaten by the gang and up to now, the owner's have been camping at DCCs office in Ruai crying for help.
In Njiru they have invaded several lands. Njiru aggeria land known as, quarry, was  invaded too by Ture, Sing, Dennis Otude,Dan ogonga, Mweka, magongo and many others
In that parcel of land, there are many people who are armed with illegal pistols like Dennis otude , Magongo,Dan ogonga and Sing.
This guns are being used to scare away anybody who claims the ownership of the land.
Kirima land is another example.
The entire land has been subdivided and sold to the third party by the same gang.
There is also this land known as Bamaho in Njiru. This land has been invaded by a group of armed gang from dandora led by Solomon abiero who is also armed with illegal pistol

This land belongs to a construction company known as Kenya builders.
The land was invaded first by a dangerous group led by the late Mukabana,ochok tmt,omito,sele,tanaka and ochuodho,
This group was also armed but after the killing of ochok and Mukabana most of them disappeared and withdrew from involving themselves into active land grabbing.
These issues of land grabbing in eastlands cannot and will never be stopped by the kayole police because they are part of the cartel
That's why we have written  a letter to Dr Fred matingi and the inspector General of police to form a team which will deal with the armed gang the way they did to mungiki and gaza.
It is unfair that some youths from kayole are being killed because of holding firearms while there are others who are terrorizing people with guns and encroaching into their lands.


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