Thursday April 4, 2019-Former United States President, Barrack Obama, has made comments that may boost tourism sector in the country.

Speaking during the 19th World Travel and Tourism Global Summit in Seville, Spain, on Wednesday, Obama said that one of his most memorable trip abroad was when he visited Kenya in his mid-20.

The 44th President of United States said he made the trip to Kenya because he wanted to understand his heritage, the place where his father was born and also to meet members of his extended family.

He also acknowledged the presence of the Kenyan First Lady Margret Kenyatta and expressed his gratitude saying he was pleased to see her representing Kenya at the summit.
When asked about how travel has shaped his world view, Obama said travel helps to remind people of their heritage and the diversity of the human race.
“Travel also reminds us what we are, what we share and what we have in common,” Obama said.
He gave a narration, saying that if you see a child playing and laughing in Kenya, and travel to Hawaii you will experience a similar thing repeated but by a child from a different background.

“This is the commonality we are talking about,” he said.

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