Friday April 26, 2019-Former President Daniel Moi’s eldest son, Jonathan Moi, succumbed to pancreatic cancer last Saturday and he will be buried in his Baringo home tomorrow.

However, the death of Moi, a former rally driver, has opened a Pandora box of many things Kenyans never knew about his private. 

It has emerged that the deceased had twins, Gerald Kipkosgei Toroitich and Geoffrey Kipkirui Toroitich. 

The sons have lamented that the funeral committee has sidelined them as far their father’s sendoff is concerned. 

The twins have appealed to their grandfather to ensure that they are part of their father’s burial.

 They have noted that the deceased took care of them by paying their school fees, upkeep as well as initiation costs. They also recalled how they interacted with the late father in January this year before he passed on.

“He told us to study hard as education was the key to success. He loved education. He told us he saw a bright future in us,” Toroitich.

Gerald also revealed that their father was ready to do anything to ensure they got the best in their lives.

He also said that the father was passionate about life and could give them anything they wanted.


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