Wednesday April 24, 2019-Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua, has made a special appeal to US President Donald Trump and other leaders of the developed countries regarding Kenya's corruption.

Speaking during the unveiling of Mars Wrigley Confectioneries plant in Athi River, Mutua asked US and others to ban corrupt leaders, like Deputy President William Ruto and his corrupt friends, since they hide the loot in those nations.

He further revealed that it was unfair for the leaders to steal and use the same loot to accord their children top-notch education abroad.

"Corruption is a form of terrorism. The US Government and other developed nations have databases of some of our corrupt leaders.”

"I request you to ban them from traveling to hide their loot in your nations. Help us fight this graft. Let us shame and name these thieves," Mutua stated.

“We will not meet the targets we have set for our youth and country if we continue with the massive corruption/thievery we are witnessing.

"We are borrowing heavily with one hand while stealing with the other. We are not broke, we are been robbed," he continued.

Among those who were in attendance at the event were US Ambassador to Kenya Kylie McCarter and Trade CS Peter Munya.


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