Woooi Boychild! Especially those between 18-28(the 90s)! You are let
ting us down! You guys are so emotional, get carried away so fast and are so OVER-AMBITIOUS! You want to graduate today and make millions tomorrow. You chat with a lady for a day, you ask her utanitembelea lini, she then asks for fare, and you get emotional when she doesn't come. 

You pay school fees to a woman who is yet to be your wife and expect her to marry you after graduation! Are you mad?

 You guys were spoonfed for too long, protected from school punishment, easily passed exams, easily joined university and easily graduated, now you want to easily get laid. We ain't blaming you please, but it doesn't work that way. Your parents might have over-parented you but please give yourself a second chance! Stop sending money to women you hardly know, stop dating online(meet people and talk, there, you will know if to send money or not), stop dating women who only text you at night when/they are horny, stop giving girls pocket money. 

Only pay school fees for your daughter but if you must pay for your LEGAL wife, don't use it as a reason to bully her around! Don't let ANYONE(family or friends) push you into marriage, Mugabe married at 50! Dangote is single(with babymamas ofkos). Men can successfully produce sperma'tozoa till age 90, unaskia? Halafu, Mwanamke ni kupambwa! Na kupambwa ni PESA. Atwoli's newest wife left her three kids with her handsome and younger husband for Atwoli! Yaani ATWOLI! Wewe ni nani usiachwe?

Hata kama umezaa na yeye watoto sita? Atakuacha for Atwolis! Stop forcing yourself into relationships, coz you  have seen your agemates happily married but their wives are so available for us(yes, I said WIVES, we eat your wives!) Look for money, then sit back and let the women chase you! Mimi saa hii niko na list ndefu mpaka nashindwa ni nani nitapekeka home na ni nani atakua official sidechick! NA SI ATI NIKO NA PESA! SINA! Never let a woman take you into depression, hata kama umezaa na yeye 4 kids! Ni wengi bana! Let her go! 

To sum up, women are beautiful creatures! Before you think of violating any woman, think of your mother or daughter, ain't they beautiful? Will you do the same to them?

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