Thursday April 11, 2019 – The ODM candidate in the just concluded by-election in Ugenya, Chris Karani has said he will file an election petition against David Ouma Ochieng’s victory.

The vote took place last Friday but Mr Karan broke his silence on Wednesday, blaming the "heavy deployment of State machinery” in the constituency for his loss to the Movement for Democracy and Growth candidate.

He accused police spokesman, Charles Owino, of orchestrating his loss following heavy deployment of police officers in Ugenya, prior, during and after elections.

The ODM candidate claimed that police officers intimidated his supporters’ in his West Ugenya, Ukwala and North Ugenya “strongholds”.

“We had taken over Ugenya until the last day when security forces were brought from other counties to come and camp in Ugenya," Mr Karan said.

"The IEBC was equally partisan and in some polling stations, ODM agents were ejected and did not witness the counting of votes,” Mr Karan added.

Mr Karan further claimed that before counting started, major roads were blocked by police.

“Most KIEMS kits in my strongholds of West Ugenya, Ukwala and North Ugenya were not working and some polling stations started operating as late as 3pm,” he added.

“Voters streamed in only to go back home.”

“Further still, I have evidence that people from as far as Nairobi and registered there, managed to vote in Ugenya. It was a sham."

He also claimed that some of his supporters were threatened during the by-election and that they had not returned to their homes since that day.


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