Here is exactly the place where 2 Cuban doctors have been detained by AL SHABAAB – KDF Special Forces and Rangers should storm it ASAP

Thursday April 18, 2019 - Award winning Voice of America (VOA) journalist, Ahmed Maruf, has revealed the possible place where two Cuban doctors are detained after they were abducted by Al Shabaab militants in Mandera last week.

Maruf, who is credited for his work 'Inside Al Shabaab', said elders from Mandera have been pitching tent in the war torn El Adde town negotiating for their release.

“Regarding the abduction of Cuban doctors, I spoke to the Mandera elders and they told me they are trying to seek the release of the two doctors using customs and traditions.”

“They’ve been told the doctors are held in El Adde, an Al-Shabaab-controlled town in Gedo,” Maruf said.

"One of the elders, Mohamed Abdinur Gesey, says they want to get the doctors released peacefully.”

“He said the elders have reached out to their counterparts in Beled Hawo town on the other side of the border in Somalia to seek their support,” Maruf added.

Maruf’s accounts correspond to those of RTN Somali TV, which broadcasts in Somali language.

The station reported that the medics had been pictured in a forested Halaanqo area, within Barawe, Gedo region alive.

Already, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Special Forces and Rangers Strike Unit are near El Adde hunting for the Al Shabaab militants who kidnapped the doctors.


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