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Sunday April 28, 2019-Nakuru Governor, Lee Kinyanjui, has revealed that the Moi’s family had a difficult in informing former President Daniel Moi about death of his eldest son, Jonathan Moi.

Speaking during the burial service at the Kabarak University grounds on Saturday, Kinyanjui admitted that it was not easy to break the news about Jonathan's death to the retired president.

Kinyanjui noted that the family had to seek help from the bishops to notify Mzee Moi about the demise of his first born son. 

He also said that Moi asked them whether his son died in pain and in the Lord.

“When we were discussing with Senator Gideon about JT’s death and how it came and all you can imagine when some of this bad news comes you don’t know how to break the news. So he was telling me eventually when the death was known and they were wondering how to break the news to the Mzee,” Kinyanjui said.

“He got the bishops, bishop Yego and others. When they beat around the bush but they finally told Mzee that JT is no more. The only two questions he asked was; was he in pain? and did he die in the lord?" Kinyanjui added.

Jonathan succumbed to pancreatic cancer last Saturday.


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