Heartbreaking and traumatizing story of how this 4 year old Kenyan girl was raped, Watu ni wanyama.

As written by activist Terry Gobanga

She was brought to us a few days ago. A 4 year old survivor in a bad state was the cry of help we received and answered without thinking of the financial implications. It was simple to us, a child was raped and the effects of the incidence were devastating.

Our first concern was her safety, having have worked with this kind of cases for sometime. Our fear was confirmed when we were told the alleged perpetrator is known to them but no arrests were made yet. 

Any other concern had to come secondary because sometime back we waited to do a rescue mission but unfortunately someone got to the girl before we did and she was murdered.

Our warrior reached our home in one peace but not at peace. She was raped both ways, left to die with a damaged uterus. Her trauma was tangible. God bless the social worker who intervened after hearing the grandma's cry for a safe place for her grand daughter and her concern of not being able to provide for her and not knowing how to help her after the incidence.

So far she has undergone surgery where Double Barrel Colostomy procedure was done. The sad bit is the hospital where this was done did not give us the colostomy bag. You guessed it right... everything just comes out since she has no control over anything and it empties straight to the diaper which we have tied round her waste and oh, this is so messy as you can imagine. Once this happens we quickly have to clean her using wipes and soap so that she does not have any bad odor.

Someone please tell me what can be done. Which door should we knock to get a colostomy bag for my warrior.

In the meantime we need your help. Her diaper is size 5 pampers...
Kindly support us .

Our Paybill number is 875091
A/c no: 0482359029002


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