GIDEON MOI finally explains why they blocked RUTO from visiting Mzee MOI at his Kabarak home – This is too bad for the “hustler”

Friday April 26, 2019-KANU chairman, Gideon Moi, has finally explained why the Moi family blocked Deputy President William Ruto from visiting Mzee Moi on Wednesday.

Following the death of his son, Jonathan Moi, a section of leaders have been visiting Mzee to convey condolences but Ruto was redirected to Baringo County where the deceased had a home.

The DP was accompanied by Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis and Eldama Ravine Member of Parliament Moses Lessonet.

He was welcomed by the late Jonathan Moi’s family members as well as area residents and other local leaders.

Now Gideon has revealed why they blocked Ruto from visiting Mzee Moi at his Kabarak home.

Gideon said he cannot allow a man who has looted public resources to visit Moi who is a staunch Christian.

“We cannot allow somebody who has looted public resources to come and see Mzee. Mzee is a staunch Christian who does not entertain people who continue to loot public resources left, right and center,” said Gideon.


  1. Enter your comment...ooh Gideon so so sorry you forgot your dad did the same.

  2. Who is the father of looting is not dictator mzee

  3. Enter your comment...gideon and whole moi family is the mistake that happened in our country kenya. you destinied to hell

  4. Enter your if they are very clean.

  5. Gideon, did you know that your late brother is a murderer and a rapist? of course you know but did he stop being Moi's son? of course NO! Do you know that even the English you are speaking was looted by your dad? ooh NO! SHUT UP BOY

  6. Now this young boy Gideon son of moi. how do you expect to get the presidency when you acting incesitive

  7. Being a beneficiary of looting and son of the King of looters , Gideon has no moral authority to block a looter from seeing the King of looters.
    Kenya is still in the mess the Looting king put her as a country.

  8. Enter your is the father of all looting in this country pliz give us a break Kenyans are not fools

  9. the other one is the product of whoring around by the old folk.

    kids of not benefit buy enjoy the proceeds of your dad the lord of poverty.

    JT was the son the old man never stood by but opted for these good for nothings.

  10. I concur with Sankara 100%.Looters and many more but they never pay.We are suffering.

  11. Gideon has repeatedly missed the boat of magnanimity. I have great difficulty in fitting giddyson in the fabric of the leadership of the Kalenjin Nation. My advise is to limit his nonsensical brickbats away from certain functions. He should know that the Patriach Moi is in his sunset years. How will giddyboy feel when the same embarrassment he is fond of dolling to the DP is applied to him by others. We have Patriachs too who have wisdom and not corrupt all. Senator it would serve you well to listen to that song from a singer of 'kapkugo'that says something like '...olenji chamengech kisoptoi mutyo'. Slow down, enda pole pole.

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