Friday, March 26, 2019-A dangerous thug who has been terrorizing the residents of Dandora has been exposed by under-cover cops in the famous crime busting facebook group, Nairobi Crime Free.

The young man identified as Willy, operates around  Dandora Phase 4 where he has killed so many people especially along the route connecting Dandora and Lucky summer.

Most of his crime partners including his twin brother are dead.
Despite the death of his partners in crime, he is not willing to reform.

There was a time he was arrested by patrol cops at night but he managed to escape with the hand-cuffs.

He used a key to open the hand-cuffs and set himself free.

This dangerous thug who is in his early twenties has scars on his face associated with the lethal gang called Gaza that operates in Eastlands.

This is how he was exposed.


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