Monday April 15,2019-Former Sports and Culture Cabinet Secretary, Rashid Echesa has asked Central Organisation of Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General, Richard Echesa, to handle his marital woes before he can address the issue of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s succession.

On Saturday, Atwoli who was speaking in Lamu said Deputy President William Ruto will not be in the presidential ballot in 2022.

Atwoli's sentiments seems to have angered  Echesa who told himto first  feed his hungry wives before speaking about Ruto’s presidential ambitions in  2022.

"Mzee Atwoli...you cannot even feed your wife, and you want to lecture us leaders from Western region how we will elect our leaders...You should first go and feed your wife before talking nonsense about our next President. That is it," Echesa told a rally in Matungu on Sunday.

Echesa is a close ally of Deputy President though he was sacked from the Cabinet in February over money laundering claims.


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