Monday, April 15, 2019 - A fake witchdoctor has been arrested after he was caught stage managing a scene of a man and woman stuck while having sex in Meru.

The witch doctor intended to use the publicity from the incident to popularize himself and lure gullible Kenyans.

He paid a couple identified as Joan Makokha aka Cynthia Matendetere and Chaha Mwitu to pretend that they have been stuck while having sex.

The two were to be ‘untangled’ by the Ugandan witch doctor by the name Magooha Twaha, who was expected to perform the ritual of ‘rescuing the stuck couple’

However, the script did play out as planned after someone got wind of the plan and informed police officers.

“Acting on a tip-off that a certain magician had planned to stage manage a scene where he had contracted the services of a man and women to sleep together in a lodging and to appear as if the two had stuck during sexual intercourse, police officers laid a trap and as the events unfolded the officers heard the couple crying out for help that they had got stuck,” a police officer said.

In September 2017, another Ugandan witchdoctor was arrested for stage-managing the ‘recovery’ of a stolen motor vehicle in which the ‘thief’ stripped off all clothes and acted as if he had gone mad.

The suspects will be arraigned in court to answer to charges of committing a felony and obtaining money by false pretense.


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