Friday, April 5, 2019-There was drama after a Chinese company donated beer to starving villagers in Tiaty Sub-County.

The Chinese mining company called Chuanshan International donated beer as part of food aid to the locals.

The company donated more than 300 bags of maize, 20 cartons of cooking oil and more than 20 cartons of a Chinese made beer.

During the food distribution exercise, the villagers cheered and clapped after the master of ceremony announced that the company had donated beer.

The company’s director Mr Han Ke said that he decided to include beer as part of the food donation after realizing that the locals love liquor.

“Locals in this area love liqour and I saw it  fit to include it as part of food donation to the hunger ravaged villages. We also donated more than 300 bags of maize and cooking oil” He said.
Here are photos of the Chinese made beer that was donated to the starving villagers.


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