Thursday April 25, 2019-Kenyans who will have registered for the National Integrated Identity System (NIIMS) number will still be required to carry their national identification cards.

This was revealed by Planning Principal Secretary, Julius Muia, following the concerns by Kenya over what will become of the ID cards once they register for Huduma Namba.

According to Muia, Huduma Namba will also not phase out other cards such as the National Hospital Insurance Fund card and the National Social Security Fund among others.

He added that young Huduma Namba holders will be able to access the national IDs easier compared to those who will not have registered.

"The available database will have indicated that the applicants have attained 18 years and therefore have qualified for identity cards by the time they apply for the identity cards," the PS stated.

Muia was speaking at Kinyambu market in Makueni County while overseeing the Huduma Namba registration at the station.


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