Monday April 8, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto has warned Jubilee politicians of dire consequences talking about corruption in Government.

Speaking at AIPCA Church in Riruta Satellite, Ruto hit out at a group of Jubilee MPs who are identifying themselves as champions of war against corruption, saying their days are numbered.

“You cannot be in Jubilee and make claims of corruption.”

“How can you be a member of Jubilee and accuse the Government of corruption? Who is the leader of Jubilee other than President Uhuru Kenyatta and I? It would be understandable if you were in Opposition and making such claims.”

“They have now joined the Opposition which used to accuse us of stealing Eurobond and monies from Afya House,” Ruto stated.

At the same time, the DP told the group calling itself ‘team kitaeleweka’,, which is moving heaven and earth to make sure he does not succeed Uhuru as President in 2022, to chill out and wait for the real competition when the time comes.

“There is a group loitering around the country called ‘Operation stop Ruto’ and preaching the anti-Ruto gospel. I am telling them to relax since 2022 is far,” he said.



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