Monday April 29, 2019-State House Chief of Staff and Head of Presidential Delivery Unit, Nzioka Waita, has landed in deep trouble after making a controversial statement on Government records.

Speaking to KTN's Sophia Wanuna, Waita defended Jubilee Government's development record.

"The development record of this Government is unprecedented, we have no apologies," Waita stated.

However, his statement did not sit well with a majority of Kenyans who found it border mockery to the electorate.

Controversial self declared NRM Leader, Miguna Miguna, bashed Waita for openly lying to Kenyans that the Jubilee Government has done much in terms of development when in the real sense is just looting.

"Ati 'development record of this Government is unprecedented'? Of course, no Government since the British colonized Kenya has ever looted Ksh 20 Trillion in 5 years. None. Ouru, Ruto and Ouru's fake brother Raila have made Kenya a failed state (Sic)," he quipped.

"The looting record of this Government is unprecedented, and they have no apologies," remarked another Kenyan by the name Titus Kimanthi.



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