Dear men.
When you have a disagreement with your lady or wife, when you find other men's nudes in your wife's phone, when you find another man who is not your brother on top of your woman, when you find out the lavish shopping was done by some other suited guy, when you find out that your gal wasn't at her parent’s home as she had told you, when you find out the 'business meeting' was one of the 'horizontal' three day meeting in Mombasa.....kindly do this
1. Step out for fresh air
2. Call your best friend, mother, sister, girlfriend etc
3. When the call ends okoa jahazi ya 1,000...
Continue talking
4. Breath heavily as you are  talking...
5. Talk and talk...but don't cry
6. Find something to channel your anger away from her and other people...pasua masahani...
7. Redeem bonga points and tell your best friend what you have done
8. Lock yourself in the house after getting sufficient air....try sleeping...
9. If sleep doesn't come pick your favourite girlfriend from your contact list and chat with her till morning
10. In the morning go where your friends are....
11. Repeat all the steps apart from 6...until you come around
Aggravated assault = 3 years
Attempted murder = Life imprisonment
Murder = Death penalty
Manslaughter = Judges discretion
Our fellow men will always be at the periphery waiting for you to have issues with your woman to jump on her...they never say NO.
Let us not rot in jail,there is no pussy in jail even!
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