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My good people, how far would you go to win back your lover?

Well, a Kenyan woman, decided to seek help from some traditional herbalists and spiritual healers to keep a man who wanted to be with another woman.

The lady jotted down a letter, revealing that she had could not live without the man and was too heartbroken when she realized he was interested in another woman.

The lady gives details of how a spell helped restore the relationship with the man who was completely unaware of the happening, using sweetening candles.

In no time, the lady, who had broken up with the man just after a month, reconciled with her lover, after he begged her to take him back, as the spell forced him to ask for forgiveness and admit he wasnt going to live with the other woman in another country.

Check out the letter below, truly spooky.

“I was in love with \ someone who wanted someone else. He and I were in a prior relationship in the past. But, in less than a month, things ended quickly, dramatically and hostile between my ex and his new girlfriend. This happened in August 2015. Months later, my ex still pined for his girlfriend even though they were broken up. I was not speaking to my ex at all at this time. I distanced myself from him and he did the same to me. I wanted him to reach out to me – not me reaching out to him. I also didn’t want him to still pursue this girl and not move away from the area we both lived in. 

I consulted Dr. Mugwenu, who had a discord spell done, which broke the two up, then I had a sweetening candle performed so that my ex would open up to me. This happened in November 2015. I never contacted my ex since our own personal blow out. Come December 2015, he sent me text messages \ stating why he picked that woman and why he didn’t think it would work between us. I ignored it. I was learning my sense of self worth and not to take crap from people that don’t see my worth. 

Then in February 2016, my ex contacted me again. I ignored. I was worried that he would move back to where the girl he pined for and I would lose him living in the area where I was. The girl he pined for lived in another country so I was concerned he would move there. So I had a blocking spell performed. Then in March 2016 my ex reached out to me several times, apologizing for his crappy behavior and also saying how much he respected me as a person. In April 2016, he tried calling me and we reconnected as friends. 

We have been hanging out as friends almost every other day (he always initiates the hang out) and he texts/calls me daily. He has opened up his feelings about himself, why he chose this girl and how she was wrong, and more. I have become his confidant.” Men and women alike are struggling to keep relationships together what with the increasing nature of break ups, and the messages telling them that they have options despite the challenges they’re facing. This is just one of the many ladies who go out of their way to find alternative means of resolving their relationship disputes when they feel that all else is not working. 

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