I am Njoki from Nakuru.I have been in constant problems with my husband, in fact for 6 years I have been in constant trouble woman. This is what I have gone through.

In 2010 we did a colourful wedding in Nakuru.This was after we had dated for 2 years. Our future looked bright as my husband promised to love me unconditionally and ensure our love doesn’t die.

After one year of marriage, I delivered my first born. It’s at this time that I also managed to secure a job in Kisumu as an accountant. I think when one delivers, blessings also come in plenty.

I remember my husband escorting me to Kisumu when I was reporting for work. After I settled, he returned to Nakuru alone.

We planned that he visits me in Kisumu every weekend since he did not have enough time during week days. For close to 6 months,he visited me in Nakuru.Every time he visted,I made sure I gave him properly to prevent him from cheating. But as we continued pushing days, I realized one strange thing in his phone. When we were in Nakuru,he never used to place a password in his phone but as I moved to Kisumu he did place one. I asked him why he did so and he told me it’s because of our kid who used to download games. I told him to show me the password-he accepted. Later he changed the password…but I discovered.

There is a time I managed to touch his phone.It was when he had just gone to the bathroom and forgot to put the password.I was shocked he was in constant communication with a girl known as Clare.I saw several WhatApp message, one of them read,”My babe, usinimalizie utamu,ubakishe for next week”.I took a screenshot and sent to my phone. I also went to his Facebook inbox. These ones irritated me so much that I was forced to ask my husband.I waited until he was through with taking a shower and asked him why he was doing this to me.He defended himself that it’s the woman who desperately wants him and that he has nothing to do with her.He even swore has never met the girl.I reluctantly swallowed his words.

A month later,as we were sleeping, a girl called.My husband cut off the call.But I was quick to ask him why,he said it’s the mad girl who is calling.I told him to call as I listen.He reluctantly called and what I heard didn’t please me.”My sweetheart,ball inanisumbua sana,please come tomorrow mapema tuendanishe clinic”,she told my husband.

I woke up from the sleep and proceeded to siting room where I called the lady to confirm whether she was my husband’s girlfriend.She told me,” Bwana Yako Ananikula Kila Siku, Nampakulia Hivi na Anaingiza Yote”.The statement broke me completely.I hated what I heard.

That night,I slept in the sitting room until the following morning when my husband parked his clothes and went to Nakuru without even taking breakfast.

For one week, he didn’t say anything until when he wrote this message, “I have moved on”. I thought it was a joke and called him to confirm. That was the time he told me he was seeing someone he loves. All this time his heart was elsewhere. Honestly, I loved my husband and could do anything to bring him back but that girl Clare did all she could to steal him from me.

For 6 full months,my husband refused to come to Kisumu,he refused to call me and even blocked my number. After I realized I could lose him forever,I went personally to Nakuru to see him.In Nakuru I found that he had moved to another house, but one of his neighbours directed me to his house.I stormed the house and found he was taking tea with another woman. In the sitting room was a 1 month baby.At first I thought I was dreaming only for my husband to confirm it’s true he had moved on and is initiating a divorce process. He explained to me and left everything and left me stranded in the house.I found myself alone in the house and decided not to cause drama.I just left while crying.

For close to one year I have been pondering on the way forward.My child asks for his father every day while the father is happily living with another woman. It’s when I opened about my situation with my workmate when she sat me down and explained what she did two years ago.Jennifer,who I adore so much gave me this number to call,  +254740637248.She told me it belongs to Dr. Mugwenu who helped her 2 years ago to bring back her husband.Jennifer told me she had tried prayers in church but none of her prayers were heard.But after she visited the doctor,it only took 2 weeks for the lost husband to call.

Jennifer also gave me the doctor’s email address,which is mugwenudoctors@gmail.com .I sent an email to confirm it’s true the doctor could help me.I even visited his website www.mugwenudoctors.com

Since I was desperate to bring back my husband,I called the doctor for a meeting.

It’s now two months since my husband separated with Clare.I honestly thank Jennifer for giving me the right suggestion.I am forever grateful I can now live happily with my husband.

CALL - +254740637248 



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