Blasphemy as corrupt RUTO now compares himself to JESUS the son GOD-See what he said yesterday before the priest?

Monday April 1, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday compared himself to Jesus, saying he too just like Jesus, has suffered a lot in the hands of scribes.

Speaking at St Martin Catholic Church Karuri, Kiambaa, Kiambu County, Ruto noted that nothing much have changed over the last 2000 years when Jesus lived.

According Ruto, journalists and media have been distorting information since biblical times.

"Hawa watu wa magazeti... uliona mahali Father alisoma, alisema Mapharisayo na waandishi walileta kisirani (These media people... you heard the verse that the priest read. He talked about the Pharisees and scribes and how they have been an irritant)," the DP stated.

"Mimi sikujua eti hii maneno ya waandishi si eti imeanza saa hii, ilikueko ata nyuma huko. Imeandikwa kwa biblia (I didn't know that this thing about scribes didn't start today, it dates back to the ancient times. It is written in the bible)," he added as the congregation burst out in laughter.

Ruto in particular took issue with the news on his recent meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta when the latter paid him a visit at his Harambee Annex office.

"Ata leo umeona hawa waandishi... mimi na mdosi wangu tumeketi kwa mkutano. Sasa wanasema eti wanajua secrets nini iliendelea kwa hiyo mkutano. Mimi na mdosi wangu tulikua kwa mkutano, nyinyi mlikua wapi? (Even today you saw it. These writers... I held discussions with my boss (Uhuru). Now they claim to know the secrets of what transpired during the meeting. We were two of us in the meeting. Where was the media?" he posed.


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