By David Jesse.
Dear young men, avoid the overtly sophisticated young women, most of them are kept women- kept by sponsors who bankroll their sophistication and expensive lifestyle.

They live in very decent neighborhoods, not meant for broke students, have their houses fully furnished with modern furniture and electronic gadgets. Have expensive clothes, flashy phones and frequent high end restaurants where they hobnob with their sponsors. Go for that simple woman.

Earlier this year a friend narrated to me how things got ugly when he was found by a top political factotum in a house he had rented for a young campus girl. He lied that he was a student and that they were doing homework to save his ass!

He was terrified because the guy had put a gun on the table, reminiscing on those moments terrify him more! He swore never to engage kept women! And today I’m also beseeching you young men to avoid them!


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