Monday, April 15, 2019 - Former Ebru TV anchor turned radio presenter, Kamene Goro, has narrated how her ex-husband dumped her on WhatsApp like a rotten cabbage.

For those who don’t know, Kamene was secretly married by a man she described as a boyfriend on social media.

But things turned south after he ended their relationship through WhatsApp last year around July.

Speaking during the popular Up-Close show with K24’s Betty Kyallo, the curvy TV girl who confessed that she has slept with over 27 men after being asked about her body count, revealed that she got a WhatsApp call from her ex-husband who was on a business trip in South Africa and he said it’s over.

When she got the call that ended their marriage, she was at the French Embassy waiting for a visa.

“He broke up with me via Whatsapp. He couldn’t even spend his money to break up with me,” She said.

Kamene revealed that after the painful heartbreak from her ex-husband, she is not planning to settle down for marriage anytime soon.

You know the way you have your goals and KPIs (Key performance Indicators), marriage is not one of my KPIs and goals. If it happens great, although it’s not something I can say I am actively working towards” she said.


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