2 lives lost at once ! Read how Rogue doctors at Gatundu Level 5 hospital caused the death of JUDY and her unborn baby,

By Mario Nderi

(Long post alert)
Judy (pictured below) expectant, visited Gatundu level five hospital last Sunday complaining of a back ache and infant not playing in the womb as expected but she was sent back home with doctors saying that there was nothing wrong with her.

As the pain prolonged, poor Judy went back to the same hospital on the following day, Easter Monday and was still sent home at around 10:30 pm in lots of pains.
Now with her pain getting more worse, Judy went back to the hospital on Tuesday Morning where she was admitted after the doctor's realised that her condition was worse than they presumed. Sadly, it's then after thorough check ups that the doctors disclosed to her relatives that Judy's baby had died in her womb.

It's here that the family insisted that a CS be done to their daughter to get rid of the dead infant but the nurses stupiditly argued that there was no reason of adding a scar to Judy's body since her child had died....they foolishly argued that if Judy saw the CS scar in her body yet her child died..she would be traumatized...so, with that argument, the nurses went ahead to induce the poor girl in order to deliver her dead child normally....in short, the poor Judy spent the whole day and night with the dead infant in her womb....

The following day (Wednesday) at around 4pm, the nurses reported that Judy had delivered her dead infant but could not leave the labour wards as she was very weak.
That night at about 1am, after her condition worsened, Judy was transferred to Thika Level Five where she was pronounced dead on arrival....!!!
What a sad moment this is for the people of Gatundu South...losing two innocent souls...a mother and her child...What a sad day this is..
Disturbing questions:

1.Why would the doctors send Judy back home on the first day she visited the hospital complaining of back pains and the baby not playing in her womb???

2. Why would the doctors not do an urgent CS on Judy to get rid of the dead infant immediately they realised that the baby had died in the womb??

3. What was the need for the continued induction to this poor girl whose child had already died in the womb when there was an option for a CS to save her life??

4. When the doctors realised Judy's baby had died in the womb, why was this case not treated as one of the emergencies???

Seriously, why this high level of negligence in a level five hospital like Gatundu???. This is not the first case of this kind in this hospital and on that, the people of Gatundu South will not tire until Justice for Judy is delivered...!!!


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