Why all the noise on RUTO’s Ksh 10 Million contribution to SDA church in Kisii?

MY TAKE on Kisiis And Their Hypocrisy on DP RUTO's 10m Contribution for SDA Church
I have seen some SDA members complain about DP RUTO's Sh10m donation towards the construction of an SDA church in Kisii. They are questioning church leaders for inviting the DP to the fundraiser.
In my opinion, I think they have every right to complain because they are used to building their churches for 100 years due to stinginess.
In Gusii region where I come from, and even all over the country, the uglier and unfinished church buildings are those of SDA. Its not that the faithful don't have money. No. It is because of lack of generosity and unwillingness to part with money.
These people have a propensity of contributing Sh200 every Sabath when they meet for prayers. They have a book where contributions of members are recorded. As a result, the construction takes millenniums to complete.
For the records, in Gusii for instance, SDA members are among the richest in the community yet they cannot come together and build their church and save the poor their few coins.
If you think I am lying, go to the villages where people like Maraga and Matiangi come from and look at the state of the churches they attended while growing up. They are pathetic.
Someone would wish, "Now that these are rich senior goverment officials, they go back to their villages and do that which their elders were unable to, because of poverty" But that is just a dream. Same applies to the primary schools they attended. They are in the same state they left them for high school.
How do you expect people who are used to meeting on Saturdays to contribute and buy 1brick, to react to the news that someone single handedly contributed a staggering Sh10million to build a church that would take people 100years to contribute?
Don't tell me about dirty money because the same church is known to be filled with hypocrites and witches.
Again, that shows you how petty Kisiis are. I tell you if DP went to Kiambu and did the same, hii kelele ya upuzi unasikia na wakisii, hauwezi kuiskia na wakikuyu. That shows maturity.
IMPORTANT: Have you noticed that those making the loudest noise are those attending polished Churches like Newlife and Maxwel here in Nairobi? Hawataki kanisa za vijiji zijengwe.



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