Tuesday March 5, 2019-Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General, John Njiraini is among many state officers who were hiding billions of stolen money in foreign accounts.

Details of Njiraini having an offshore account in Hongkong were revealed by his business partner, Mr Njama Wambugu, who is engaged in a court case with Njiraini over ownership of Space & Style Limited, a roofing materials company that supplies the popular decra tiles.

The dispute, which was first filed last year in the Commercial Court, has now spilled over to the Constitutional Division where Mr Wambugu is accusing Mr Njiraini of using his position as the top taxman to harass him.

Now renowned City lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to sack Njiraini ASAP since he has an offshore account where he is hiding billions stolen from Kenya taxpayers.

H.E UHURU can confirm in minutes whether the allegations that KRA boss owns offshore companies are true or false and if confirmed in the affirmative fire Njiraini by 4 PM today...if not H.E UHURU should shut up for good about corruption in HIS government @UKenyatta,” Ahmednasir wrote on social media on Tuesday.


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