SHOCKING! 99% of all married women do this behind their husband’s back-Trust no woman but your mother (LOOK)

Sunday, February 24, 2019- Trust is a key ingredient for a healthy and lasting relationships but it seems women find it hard to trust their husbands or partners wholly.

A lot has been said about women and trust issues but this lady’s post on the same has brought this matter to the fore once again.

The lady reveals that she used to work in an organisation where she had access to people's files and that is where she stumbled upon a disturbing truth.

From the files she accessed, she noticed that 99% of married women wrote their children, parents and siblings as NEXT OF KIN.

But 100% of married men wrote their wives as NEXT OF KIN.

Well, now you know why some wise sage once advised against trusting a woman especially if is she’s not your mother.

Check out her post below.

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