Wednesday March 13, 2019-Nyeri Magistrate Pauline Maisy Chesang, who was arrested following links to the murder of her late husband Robert Chesang, made a desperate appeal yesterday to avoid sharing a prison with inmates she had sentenced.

Appearing at a court in Machakos on Tuesday, Pauline disclosed that she feared for her life while in detainment at Machakos G.K Prison.

Ms Chesang made the request through her lawyer, Assa Nyakundi, claiming that the Machakos prison posed a serious risk to her life.

She went on to explain that the Machakos prison housed numerous inmates she had convicted during her time on the bench who may turn against her while in prison.

In the request, Ms Chesang requested to be detained at Athi River Police Station where she felt that her personal safety would be guaranteed.

“If she must be remanded, I pray that she be held at Athi River Police Station and not Machakos where she is likely to encounter inmates whom she might have sentenced while serving in some stations,” her lawyer stated.



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