Monday March 11, 2019-Nyeri Township MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, has continued to throw jibes at Deputy President William Ruto over his 2022 Presidential bid and the ongoing fight against corruption.

Speaking yesterday on Facebook, Wambugu, who is apparently the face of opposition against Ruto's ambition in Central Kenya, said the DP does not have to become President if that will come at the expense of winning the war against corruption and uniting Kenyans.

He asked the DP to withdraw from the race to State House if his ambition was a threat to the country's unity and the fight against graft.

"The need to fight public theft and get Kenyans to live together cohesively will not be sacrificed so that one man can pursue his ambition for the Presidency. In short - we will not stop fighting corruption or uniting Kenyans so that William Ruto can be President. Kenya is more important than any single person’s ambition; including his," Wambugu posted on his Facebook page.

"So if Ruto cannot campaign for the Presidency within this reality he can as well quit the race. It’s not written anywhere that he must be President," Wambugu added.

Wambugu was reacting to remarks made by the DP and his close allies alleging that the renewed vigour to fight corruption was a plot to sabotage his 2022 bid.


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