Thursday March 28, 2019-Bishop Godfrey Migwi of House of Hope church in Kayole, has elicited controversies after he was recorded welcoming thieves and prostitutes to his church.

Migwi was speaking at a burial in Kiambu where he quoted the Bible claiming that Paul once told the masses that, “I steal from other places so as not to bother you."

“It is better a thief to steal and run to the church than to steal and go to a witch doctor,” Bishop Migwi is heard stating in a video that emerged online.

Migwi explained that he wants thieves to visit his church so that he can preach the good news to them in a bid to make them change their ways.

“As a church, it is our role to make them see the evils in the work they do and seek repentance. I say this without any fear of contradiction. Let them come to my church.”

 “In my church, I welcome everyone, from thieves to prostitutes because I have seen God change others who were worse. That gives me the courage to say that when they come to my church I won't turn anyone away,” Migwi went on to explain.



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