Wednesday March 6, 2019 - Self proclaimed Prophet, Dr. David Owuor, and his controversial church - the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness - have attracted the attention of the DCI following controversy over the ownership of property worth billions of shillings belonging to one of his followers.

This is after it emerged that Owuor brainwashed Jane Njagi to give up her apartments worth sh1.5 billion in the name of religion.

Speaking yesterday, Jane’s mother said she was shocked to learn that she had been deprived of the ownership of her property by the so called Might Prophet.

She added that the entire family has been frustrated for the last 7 years after Jane stopped talking to them after joining Owuor’s church.

“It is long since we spoke.”

“She does not speak to us.”

“She never calls us or any other members of the family.”

“I do not know whether it is the teaching they receive in the church, but the truth is I do not know where she is headed.”

“I am stressed and feeling depressed.”

“I just want to have audience with Owuor.”

“The family is troubled and frustrated because of our daughter.”

“We have been in tears since she joined the church,” said Alice Macharia, the mother to Jane.

Besides, she claims her daughter was married but divorced her husband after joining Owuor’s cultic church and being brainwashed.


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