Monday March 25, 2019 - A vocal Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MP has advised Deputy President William Ruto to go slow on the ongoing debate about the anti-corruption war and concentrate on other issues.

Ruto, who is the second in command after President Uhuru Kenyatta, is opposed to the manner in which investigations are being done and has poked holes into the exercise terming it a mechanism for settling political scores.

However in an interview with Radio Citizen on Sunday evening, Funyula MP, Wilberforce Oundo, cautioned Ruto that his open opposition to the ar on graft might lead to suspicion among Kenyans, a move he said will affect his 2022 presidential ambitions.

“His continued complains might with time make Kenyans suspicious on why he feels threatened.”

“They will then consider him a corrupt man trying to protect himself and nobody will elect such a person as President," Oundo said.

The first term MP urged the DP to reverse the harm he has already done by cooling down and watching the ongoing investigations from the stands.

“Let him prove to Kenyans that he is clean by allowing the investigative bodies to do their work undisturbed.”

“It is questionable why he is uncomfortable while others are silently watching," the MP said.


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