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Sunday, March 10, 2019- Controversial Gospel singer Bahati is on the  receiving end on social media once again following his message to wife Diana Marua as the world celebrated International Women’s Day.
In his message, Bahati stated several reasons as to why Diana Marua was his greatest woman on the Women’s Day.

However, he angered many when he bragged about ‘making headlines every week’

Read his post and check out some comments from netizens.
REASONS YOU'RE MY SPECTACULAR WOMAN ON THIS WOMEN'S DAY... My heart would like to Say More but Let me Say this...

1. First is to Thank you for your Love, Maturity and Patience in our Marriage. I Understand it's not any easy for any Woman to date a Man that is Making headlines every Week in this ERA & Season that blogs Write Stories without Verification or Proof. But Sweerie thank you for Understanding that my Calling as a Public Figure I must go through this Coz no Real Success that's Never Tested. (Alafu Pia ni vizuri Uelewe Juu Mpasho na Tuko News wasiponiandika Watakula Nini??? Unataka Wafunge Ofisi???) Najua the More I don't respond they try to Touch you to reach to Me But please NAKUOMBA UNIVUMILIE.

2. Lastly; I Know I've never told you this but KUDOS for Loving me for who I am or Rather Who I was. Diana Apart from Taking care of my Son Morgan you Closed your eyes to my Past took me as ME. Thank you for Accepting the fact that I had a First Born Daughter #MUENI @mueni_Bahati.

Understanding My Love for her and Taking her as Family. I Know this is Not easy and it will never be Easy but I Thank you for Letting God Use you in this. Not to Say Much but NOTHING Can Change the Fact that: I AM LUCKY.. I AM BLESSED.. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE YOU DIANA MARUA. #HappyWomensDay @diana_marua,”

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