Of Citizen TV discussing whether men and women should shave their private parts…...

Saw guys being angered that Citizen TV, one of the mainstream stations was discussing on whether or not to shave pubic hair...

Lots of research indicates that it is wrong to shave, more so for women, as it predisposes one to infections.

I understand the anger in many people. Africans have an undue preoccupation on matters sex and that is why all the 2,269 radio stations have sex and issues about sex and marriage as the mainstay of their content, 24/7.

Two things.

If Citizen discussed about corruption and other serious issues, only about 2,000 people will bother. But discussing the merits of shaving pubic hair will attract all the 17 million Kenyans who can access the internet.

Two, elsewhere in the world, most stations have different channels to cater for various interests. In Kenya, our economy hardly affords mainstream media houses to have multiple channels. And lately, even those diversified are more or less consolidating their outlets in cost-cutting measures.

More to the point, wakenya mnapenda mambo na ngono sana.

Even me when I do a serious post, I only get 3 comments(two of which are my reply). But anything sexual, mnajaanga hapa.

Honestly as media people, we are confused.

By Silas Nyanchwani

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