Saturday March 2, 2019-Before his unceremonious sacking from Cabinet yesterday, ex-CS Rashid Echesa had reached out to Deputy President William Ruto in a last-minute attempt to save his job.

According to reports, Echesa was aware of his fate a week before he was shown the door. He confided in his close allies, including DP Ruto and a renowned journalist, about his imminent sacking.

He told the journalist that he would forever be grateful to the Jubilee administration for giving him a chance to serve in the cabinet.

“I have achieved a dream I never thought of and I will forever remain thankful to God. The title will remain because people will be referring to me as a former Cabinet secretary,” stated Echesa.

The former Sports CS also sought the intervention of Ruto, who is said to have influenced his appointment as the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage in 2018.

Although it’s still not clear whether the DP had a word with President Uhuru Kenyatta on the matter, his intervention might have come too little too late.


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