Mimi pombe ni kama ndugu yangu,pia wanawake hunifuata kama siafu.Lakini February bibi yangu aliamua kunifanyia kitendo.

On Tuesday she came and told me she wanted me to take for valentine.Since I had not been paid,I said no with capital letters.Niliona akikasirika na kujiongelesha.Mimi sikujali because huyu ni mtu tumezoeana hata sioni haja ya valentine.The following day,which was a Wednesday,I decided to go to work as usual,my wife said she was not feeling well.Mimi nilimwacha huko akilala.

That evening I came home at 6 pm as usual only to find her absent.When I called her,the phone was off.I waited until 9.20 pm and when I saw she was not coming,I decided to ask neighbours whether they saw her.One neighbor after the other told me they have not seen her until one woman called me aside and intimated that she has seen her with Mr Caleb a police officer.She pointed to the house they went into.

I hurriedly took my panga and headed that direction.I went straight to the police’s house,which is not far from where we stay.I tiptoed not to be heard and when I reached near,I heard a voice from the house, “Ouch,Ouch,kwani ni ya punda”.I thought my eyes were dreaming—to confirm I tiptoed into the house’s window.It’s there I heard again,”aki Caleb,wacha,wacha,wacha,basi maliza haraka”.Nilisikia macho imekuwa mzito,machozi ilianza kutiririka,nilijimalizia huku nikisikiza.I cried uncontrollably as tears flow.Sijui sauti ilitoka wapi,”nilipiga nduru,”leo nitaua mtu”.When they heard my voice,the officer told me in a commanding tone,”usipotoka huko utaona chenye Mathew aliona December”.Kusikia hivo na pia najua ako na bunduki,nilikimbia hadi kwangu.

After I arrived home,my wife wrote this message,”Am happy here,kwanza huzai”ameniambia atanioa”.Nilisikia ni kama uchungu uliongezwa pilipili.Hata nilishindwa kumjibu.I immediately resigned to my bed while wondering what to do.We had married for 2 years and I was unable to make her pregnant.

The following day I confided on the neighbor who directed me to where my wife was.The neighbor comforted me and told me to seek for traditional solution.She referred me to her friend who was infertile but ended up getting a child.I called the woman who gave me Dr Mugwenu’s numbers and contact.

The contacts were:

Phone number:  +254740637248
Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

I called him on +254740637248 and he responded.But he told me he was in Tanzania so I should wait for 2 days.After two days I travelled to Western Kenya where he has another office.It’s there he explained to me that that is something small.He promised to bring back my wife .He also gave me a concoction which would end infertility.But he warned me against taking alcohol.

After one week,I called my wife and for the first time she responded. After talking for 20 minutes,she finally agreed to come.I am glad that yesterday she tested positive for pregnancy.I will confirm whether the child is mine or he belongs to the police—but the most important thing is that she is pregnant.

CALL - +254740637248 



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