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Saturday March 30, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta has remained adamant that he will continue to work with Opposition Leader, Raila Odinga, whether or not some people are not happy.

This is after Deputy President William Ruto and his entourage accused Raila of wrecking Jubilee Party from within since he joined the Government through the backdoor (handshake).

Speaking yesterday on, Uhuru, who defended the Building Bridges Initiative with Mr. Odinga, seemed to tell off his DP over attitude towards Raila Odinga, insisting that he has no option other than working with the Opposition.

"A reporter sometimes asked President Robert Mugabe on when he will let the people of Zimbabwe go; he simply asked him go where? I will also ask the same. Where do you want those who didn't vote for me go? They are going nowhere," said Uhuru.

"Almost half of the people didn't vote for me. Am now serving all of them. How can I know their needs without meeting them? I have to meet them, sit down and discuss. You can’t expect me to ignore them. They are my people and I must talk to their leaders," he added.



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