Lemmi comment about yesterday's Karatina Railways Grounds Gachagua memorial and medical camp.......
What you see here are not photos taken during an election.These are ques made by poor Kenyans who can not afford medical bills. This was yesterday during the Nderitu Gachagua memorial medical camp.......... As you can see, the turnout was huge which simply tells you that the poverty level in Mathira is higher than we think. 

What about UHC? Is it not functional? Are our hospitals including PGH well equipped? Do we have drugs in all our health facilities including dispensaries? Why would hypertension and diabetes patients wait untill a medical camp is organised to get drugs?

The excitement I saw from the leaders including the Governor himself left me worried. For them it was just another day in politics.

What could they be knowing that we don't? Were these genuine patients or they were just imported people to fill the grounds as they waited for the DP and maybe they decided to kill the boredom in ques waiting to check their blood pressure and sugar?

Because, If these are genuine poor Kenyans on these lines, then the entire Nyeri leadership should be ashamed of itself. 

This is not a laughing matter!!!!!


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  1. Why should you gave such a biased headline.. you bloggers just write anything to attract readers and impress your sponsors.. are kikuyus the only voting robots in kenya?? come i teach you a little bit of responsible journalism

  2. Hhhjjdod not useful,, class one writing.