Kenyan women beaten like stray dogs after they were caught stealing in a plot, ona kichapo cha mbwa(VIDEOS)

Wednesday, March 13, 2019-The proverbial forty days of these shameless women reached after they were caught red handed stealing in a plot.

It’s something they are used to but on this particular day, they were not lucky.

They were beaten like dogs after they were caught red handed executing their evil mission.

They cried like babies and begged for mercy but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Watch the videos.


  1. u shud be arrested for beating women. they were fending for their families and may be this m/ fucker is a deadbeat somewhere, ubwa wewe

  2. Matusi ya kijinga, kwani walikuwa wanaiba wakuletee hiyo mali? Should they fend for their families with stolen wealth? Akili kidogo kama kuku. Washaa pigwa utafanya?

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