Monday March 25, 2019 - A close ally of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has said Kenya will be shoddier than Somalia if Deputy President William Ruto becomes President in 2022.

Speaking on Radio Maisha's Bunge La Maisha on Monday morning, Nyatike MP, Tom Odege, said that the nation would be turned into a haven of corruption if Ruto succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The MP said going by Ruto’s utterances, he is likely to stand by the side and let the corrupt take over Government if made President.

"Iwapo yeye hataki tupigane na ufisadi hapa Kenya hakuna haja awe rais. Kama anaunga wafisadi mkono akiwa naibu, nchi itakuwaje akiwa rais”

“(If he doesn't want us to fight graft in Kenya, it is pointless to have him as the president. If he is supporting the corrupt as the Deputy President, how will the country be when he becomes the president?)," the legislator posed.

He added that the DP may have a hard time making it to State House in 2022 because of his attacks on other leaders and reckless talk.


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