Friday March 15, 2019-Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo, has reacted to revelations that another Sh 5 billion scandal has erupted at Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC).

On Thursday Oil marketers in Kenya said they have conducted an audit of their stocks at KPC and realised that 51.2 million litres of fuel could not be accounted for.

“The (51 million litres) variance of our DPK/Jet stocks in the KPC system requires an explanation from KPC as we have already imported this stock and discharged it into the KPC system, and the same confirmed in your records,"said a statement issued by oil marketers on Thursday.

Following the scandal, Kabogo on Friday said Kenya has been "bewitched" and it will only take God's intervention to restore sanity.

“Aliyeturoga alikufa. Ewe Mola utuonee huruma (Whoever bewitched Kenya is long dead. Oh Lord, have mercy on us)," Kabogo wrote.

Kabogo said graft war is getting out of hand despite Uhuru maintaining that no state officer will be spared if he engages in corruption.


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