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Greetings Again

Today I am here discussing a very important topic of fake, fraud and scam websites related to Magic and Spells.

Now days it has become a fashion or trend on blaming other websites or talking bad about other websites. Also there are many spell casters that are now days talking bad about other websites due to jealousy of fellow competitors. They are writing on their websites testimonials written by them only but what they are doing is that they are writing and blaming other websites and are also talking bad of others saying they are fake, fraud, scam etc. Now they are writing this with some other name saying that this is said or written by their clients

Now be aware of such websites as they are doing this just to spoil other websites name and to fool people and their clients so that they will think bad of other spell casters and will not order from them.

Now days every second website that I have seen is writing bad about different websites and I have seen they are talking bad of even my work and my websites, again I don't blame them or have any thing bad against them as God Almighty is watching and all those who are spoiling my name by writing bad about my website will be punished as this is evil and is not good.

Same things is done by many such websites who are spoiling my name and also others name only to fool people saying that all bad things are written by their clients or people but this is not true as this is written by the webmasters themselves to prove others wrong.

Again I will say that I don't want to take action on them as God Almighty is watching but again if you or my devotes have any question then I will advise you to email me directly and ask all your questions as I am here to answer to all your questions.

So now every day I am seeing many websites spoiling other spell casters name, so my advise to them is to stop spoiling others name as this will not help them becoming famous. And all my devotes who have any question may email me directly and ask me all your question




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