If witchcraft is real, what is their source of power?

So “Witchcraft” is a big word. There are so many different paths of Witchcraft. Even when talking about Wicca; there are so many branches of Wicca that it would be impossible to cover them all here. Just for Wicca.

Some nature religions, like Wicca for example, tend to shy away from magic and don't really use it at all. Most Witches believe that whatever you put out into the universe you can expect three times back. So they really hesitate to use any form of magic at all, for fear it would cause someone pain, and then they, in turn, would be given back three times as much.

All branches of Witch Craft have a couple things in common. For one, they are elementally based. The elements, air, fire, earth, water some use one more or have different terms for the base elementals they work with. But all basically worship the earth and the elements. They are all Goddess based. So a Witch can either choose a diety to work with , a goddess that speaks to her or typically a woman or man will choose an old God from their place of ancestry .. So an Irish woman would typically choose Bridgette or Morgan . Then there are whole paths - like covens that worship a Deity like Dianna. So they are referred to as Dianic Wiccans.

Witches of these paths would tell you they source their power from the gods they work with. Or the power of nature. The elementals. Depending on what kind of magic they are doing. I've never really met an Initiated Witch that focused a whole lot on magic per se. Usually magic is done in rituals and through symbolism.. Like if you go to a moon ritual or a Witch holiday. It's sort of similar to the Chatholic Catechisms. Except it's like an alter with a branch on it and you eat cookies or cakes.

But magic, actual magic is kinda complex in its simplicity. A ceremonial Magician would tell you that all magic is basically using energy to manipulate the universe to do your will. This is done when we unite our wills with our subconscious and we utilize the matrix ( to make it simple to understand) but we refer to it as aether. It's sort of exactly like that. The universe is made up of parts , and they can be manipulated once you understand the code.

Some magicians use spirits or demons to do their work. When I say demons it sounds bad but these are typically angels that have fallen or did fall with lucifer. ( traditionally )
most every magician worth his salt will have a holy angel .. That they work closely with. This angel is defined as differently as there are people who work with them.

there are also many different types of magic.. There is sigyl magic, there is spell craft, there is sex magic and herb magic, there is ritual magic and ceremonial magic . There is chaos magic. There is gnostic magic. There is enochian magic.

None of these are specifically classes as black magic or white magics. Pretty much there are different definitions of these things but for me. White magic is only magic for you, that makes you stronger and more holy, for example meditation is white magic. Praying is white magic. Grey magic is magic with good or positive intentions for you and everyone else. It's gray because we can't ever control the variables that happen with magic. Say I do a spell or magic to get a raise. Well, in order for me to get that raise my work had to fire someone. Which I had no idea or intention for.

Black magic is intentionally negative or harmful and released onto another person.
Thats the general rule. although I was also taught that as far as witches go, the only true black magic is when you work with demons or demonic entities or call Down to hell.

The other types of magic or magicians don't have such a hard defined line between blck and white magics. Witches , ironically are much much more pure and good for the most part and prosecuted the most. They have the most pronounced definitions for black and white magic and are the least likely to use either.

Some magicians believe that there is magic in almost everything .. Including and not limited to religion. Think about it. What's communion ? What is baptism? All that is just Christian magic and the Catholic church is rife with magic.

the source of the power is debatable. For every magicians or Witch you talk to they will tell you something different. Some think it's nature, some think it's a god or goddess, some think it's angelic , or demonic, some think it's math, and others think it's scientific. Ceremonial magicians believe that they are basically working with a sort of code, and have learned how to manipulate outcomes, either by a formulaic interpretation or by sheer force of will. I tend to think it's a mix of all of these things. it is also the type of magic you use… So. I think too, some people are born magical, they have a innate ability and have been doing magic since before they knew what it was. 

Ever met people like that? That just seem to be charmed? Or people that for some reason all the people that they get really mad at ,something horrible happen to them? Or how about who ever they love or have around them good things happen to? Some people are just born with a sort of connection to the universe and a higher understanding of it. They can manifest at will almost and a very experienced magician can too. How about the Gurus in India? The Asthetics in the jungles? The monks in the temple that are said to levitate when they meditate? Or the psychics that can bend spoons? 

Is there something special about these people or have they tapped into a source of power or knowledge that surrounds us all and is available to us all? Most witches and magicians learn how to use magic. They are not born magical. They have to study and it's typically a very serious business for a ceremonial Magician to do magic. It's usually an elaborate process, from the bath to the end. And it takes a fair amount of energy.

One of the first times I did something really remarkable , I almost passed out. I think I blacked out for a few seconds. So its taxing and takes a lot of concentration and energy. After a while it's not as bad of course , like anything or a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets.

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