Huyu jamaa ni Akuku danger! Here are 7 women who have had SEX with Senator MITHIKA LINTURI and sired kids.

Monday, January 21, 2019 - Meru Senator, Mithika Linturi, has been caught up  in an ugly court battle with his jilted wife, Marryanne Keitany.

Keitany took Linturi to court and accused him of cheating on her with multiple sex partners and infecting her with STDs.

The randy Senator is a sex hungry beast who dips his manhood in anything that has  a skirt, something that was confirmed by his jilted wife.

Kenyan Daily Post has a list of 7 women who have been linked to an affair with Linturi.

Marryanne Keitany.

The rich woman who worked in Ruto’s office was introduced to Linturi’s family as a friend before he preyed on her and made her a wife.

She has taken the controversial Senator to court accusing him of physical abuse. She also  revealed in court documents that the randy Senator had infected her with STDs.

Mercy Kaimenyi.

 They had a church wedding back in 2000 and they are blessed with two kids.

Mercy is a high school  teacher and she divorced the cheating Senator although she revealed that he takes care of their kids.

Abroad wife.

Before he married Mercy Kaimenyi in a holy wedding , he was previously married to another woman who we understand lives abroad and they had a daughter.


In 2012, a warrant of arrest was issued against Linturi after a woman who works as a dentist proved to a court that she had married Linturi through Meru Customary law  and they sired a baby boy together. She was demanding for upkeep.

In 2013, the same woman  took Linturi to court after he failed to pay the Ksh 50,000 that he had been ordered to pay for the upkeep of their son after they parted ways.

Daughter of a Kiambu tycoon.

A popular Meru politician recalls accompanying the Senator to the home of a Kiambu tycoon to meet his daughter for introduction.

Later, they had a kid and nothing has ever been disclosed.

Somali and Kamba lady.

The Senator also has kids with two ladies, a Somali Woman and another Kamba woman.


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