Here is why ATWOLI would be serving a long jail term if he were in the US or Canada – This old man from COT is a conman and fraudster!

Thursday March 7, 2019 - Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, would be serving a long jail term if he were a United States resident or a Canadian citizen, deported lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has claimed.

Sharing his thoughts via social media on Wednesday, Miguna said Atwoli, who pretends to be a defender of workers in Kenya, is a money launderer and has been stealing billions meant for workers’ unions with his useless trips abroad.

He also said Atwoli, through COTU, has been subjecting flower workers in Kenya to slavery and dereliction of duties.

If Atwoli was a US or Canadian citizen, he would be serving 1,500 years in jail with El-Chappo Guzman for money laundering, theft of union dues, subjecting flower workers to slavery and dereliction of duty. But#JKLive auditions the primitive Atwoli to Kenyans,” Miguna said.

Atwoli appeared on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) on Wednesday where he discussed various issues affecting the country.


  1. zombie!

    why should worker pay for the housing legacy of the vampire thief, yet, we don't share his legacy. He should fund it with the loots stashed in his CBA bank and sale those cheap houses to his club of robber.

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