God is great! See how this brave Kenyan pilot saved over 70 passengers from a possible plane crash in Kisumu -UHURU should reward him ASAP

Thursday March 28, 2019-Over 70 passengers of a Kisumu-bound plane are counting themselves lucky after they were saved from a possible plane crash by their brave pilot.

The pilot saved his passengers from crashing after the plane was unable to land at Kisumu International Airport on Tuesday evening due to bad weather. 

Upon reaching Kisumu, the pilot observed that the weather conditions were not optimal for landing. 

And after circling above Lake Victoria for some time to wait for the weather to clear up, he decided to fly back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The visibly worried passengers recounted the tense moments in the plane after the composed pilot told them that he was unable to land due to bad weather. 

"As we approached Kisumu, the pilot announced that we would be landing in five minutes. We started to get worried after 10 minutes had passed without us landing," said one of the passengers.

"It flew around the airport once and then began circling above Lake Victoria. Everybody was calm, but I could see they were scared," another passenger recounted.

This comes barely a month after the plane crash in Ethiopia that killed all the 157 people on board.

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