DRAMA as a woman in Kitale over-powers her husband and beats him like a burukenge after a domestic wrangle (VIDEO)

Sunday,March 31, 2019-A woman from Kitale is trending on social media after she was caught on camera assaulting  her husband.

In the video that has spread on social media like bushfire , the furious woman is seen wrestling her husband to the ground like a toddler and raining blows on him.

The woman complains that her husband has absconded fatherly duties.

She alleges that the man of the house doesn’t give her money to sort out bills.

“ Give me money so that I can buy food for our kids. Do you want them to die of hunger?” The woman yelled at her husband in Swahili as he helplessly lay on the ground begging for mercy.

Neighbours gathered around to witness the drama and instead of quelling the fight, they were busy recording the woman and her husband washing their dirty linen in public.

The poor man said that the reason she refuses to give his wife money is because she  spends most of  the  time in drinking dens instead of looking after their kids.

The man threatened to take his wife to the p0lice but she told him that she doesn’t care.

 The nagging woman bragged that she  has been in most police stations around Kitale.

Here are videos  of the daylight drama.


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