DRAMA as Slay Queens fight over Kitui Deputy Governor, WATHE NZAU, each claims ownership of his expensive “joystick”

Saturday, March 30, 2019-There was drama after two slay queens who have been sleeping with Kitui Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau engaged in a confrontation at the Governor’s office.

Nzau is not so popular in the political circles but his randy behaviours are well known in Kitui County.

He has been nicknamed the bull of Kitui because of his special appetite for women.

The well polished Governor is a certified thigh sampler and prefers his women young, hot and sexy.

His love for sex put him in trouble recently after two young ladies engaged in a confrontation at the Governor’s office in Kitui town.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that a lady called Gladys Muusi stormed the County headquarters fuming in anger.

She wanted to know why a lady who happens to be a staff at the Governor’s office was messing up with her man.

Muusi travelled all the way from Mwingi to Kitui to stamp authority over her man.

Our mole at the Governor’s office informed us that Gladys had received information that Nzau was smashing the young lady who is in her twenties and jealousy forced her to travel to the Governor’s office  where she caused daylight drama.

When Gladys landed at the Governor’s office, she went straight to her “competitor’s” desk and started insulting her.

“Wewe, ni nini unatafutana na mzee wangu? Tafuta wanaume wengine Kenya ni kubwa. Ni nini huko nayo?” Muusi yelled at the lady in the presence of other staff members.
Muusi stormed out of the Governor’s office after insulting the lady  commonly known as LS among her workmates  and warned her of dire consequence if she continues spoiling their affair.

The previous day, she had called LS and told her to stop messing up with Wathe and find her own man. LS became rude and told Gladys to go and drown in the nearby  Tyaa river.

This provoked Gladys and forced her to travel  80Kms from Mwingi to Kitui town to give LS a piece of her mind.

When all this drama was happening, Wathe was away.

We understand that he came back to the office and behaved as if nothing had happened.


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